Fuegos de Noche

Fires of the Night. Your intimate jungle view provides an inside look into the spectacular and brilliant rituals of the firefly. Long after sunset the male firefly flashes light to attract the attention of females waiting in the nearby banyan trees. Watch with her patiently as his fiery dance flashes against the night sky and when the moment is right she’ll signal him with a flash of her own that mirrors his.

Your patience won’t go unrewarded. The fireflies are not the only fires in the night sky. Your room offers a special view of the colorful light show from the regular fireworks at a nearby hotels. Brilliant bursts of color streak across the night sky. The Fuegos de Noche experience will bring you to realize that no two night time fire shows are alike – this spectacular show is being put on exclusively for you.

Room Features

King size bed

Private bathroom

Private balcony

Air conditioner