Blue. There are sixty-four shades of blue on a painters palette. During your stay in Cerulean it’s possible to experience them all.

Stay amongst some of our favorite Mexican artwork presented in dynamic shades of blue. Experience the fun loving Muertos  playing mariachi – showcasing the playfulness and celebratory atmosphere that is abundant in Mexican life, music and art.

The most beautiful artwork of all is just outside the doors of your private patio. Experience the full range of natures blues – deep pthalo blues in the leaves of the jungle, ultramarine hues afar in the mountain ranges, lapis lazuli that soars up into the sky, and awash in the Azure blue of the bay.

Enjoy your stay in ‘Cerulean – the blue of heaven and earth’.

Room Features

2 twin beds which can be joined to make a King upon request

Private bathroom

Private balcony

Air conditioner