Casa Aventura is itself an artistic expression – a canvas for the timeless and the ever changing.

Where art is brought to life all around you. Where natural vistas and breathtaking views collide at the intersection of jungle and sea. Where Classic Spanish architecture combines with traditional Mexican influences. Where culinary creations inspire and please your palate. Where blends of carefully selected colors, vibrant fabrics, and rich textures seamlessly enhance the natural surroundings. Where fine art adorns the walls of every room.

Whether it’s your first time visiting or if you’ve been returning for years, each time you visit Casa Aventura it is a unique opportunity to enjoy and experience a new expression.

The artists in our permanent collection:

Ricardo Fernàndez Ortega

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega was born in 1971 in Durango, Mexico. Ortega’s classical style is reminiscent of the old world masters though his themes blend unmistakeable elements of modernity.

His surrealism encourages the viewer to travel to another time at the crossroads of past, present and future. His ability to incorporate classic technique with the fantastic is surpassed only by his masterful grasp of the female form. A trademark technique of Ortega masterpieces is his economical use of a vibrant red that both accents and dominates the piece – this characteristic is most evident in ‘Monolito’ which graces the main stairway of the villa.

Casa Aventura is home to two of his works Monolito and Penelope

Read and see more about his works:



Jorge V. Curiel

Maestro Curiel was born in Jacona Michoacán in 1943. A self-taught painter, his vast body of work is showcased in churches, public offices, museums as well as private homes throughout Mexico. He and his wife Liz currently own a gallery in Sayulita.

Curiel is a recognized modern Mexican master muralist, portraitist and landscape artist. He commands a wide subject range from simple still life’s to complex themes of religion, sexuality and human psychology. His commissioned work include the official gubernatorial portrait of Nayarit as well as public spaces throughout Mexico.

Curiel painted the murals of ‘Ascending Angels’ that graces the ceiling the master bathroom of Vista del Leon as well as the murals of arch-Angels Gabriel and Michael that dominate the Fiesta room and have come to be closely identified with Casa Aventura.

Together he and his wife Liz are represented in galleries in the city of Guadalajara, San Miguel Allende, Queratero, Celaya, Monterrey, Reynosa and Mcallen Texas.

Agustín Castro López

Agustin Castro Lopez was born in 1958 in Mexico. He studied at the Colegio de Bachilleres in the Mexico city as well as the National School of painting, sculpture and engraving, La Esmeralda. He has exhibited in various galleries and museums in Mexico and internationally. Additional artwork by this Mexican master can be viewed on display at Galleria Corsica in Puerto Vallarta. You can also see some of his other works of art on Artnet 

Agustin Castro’s works often challenge the viewer to examine numerous layers of subject matter in the same piece – a vivid demonstration of his complete mastery of oil and canvas. This extraordinary technique is clearly exemplified in the painting Placidez which was added to the Casa Aventura collection in 2010.

Antonio Castro

Born seven years after his older brother and Mexican painter Agustin Castro Lopez, Antonio followed a less traditional path to becoming a widely recognized emerging Mexican artist. His recent work demonstrates his equally masterful grasp of multi-dimensional representations and subject matter.

Like his older brother, whose work is also included in the Casa Aventura collection, Antonio explores the fantastical by incorporating modern subjects with the skill of Renaissance masters. He often chooses a small color palate and a more definitive portrayal of his figurative subjects and human forms. A trademark technique of Antonio Castro’s style is combining vacuous abstract imagery with hyper-realistic accents, leaving the viewer guessing as to the artists true mastery.

His painting Presagio is a classic example of this Castro technique and graces the downstairs master bedroom by the same name.

Some of his paintings can be purchased at Galleria Corsica in Puerto Vallarta.

George Yepes

George Yepes’ official biography states: “Born in a crucible beneath a meteor shower over Baja, then raised and educated in East Los Angeles, the meteoric double-barreled life of George Yepes has been on fire since birth.”

ArtScene Los Angeles proclaimed: “When it comes to sheer touch that combines beautiful control over line and brushwork, George Yepes is among the best. His darkly romantic excess can’t help but make you think he would have been Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s equal among the pre-Raphaelites. But his saints and sinners are hardly a throwback. Yepes’ painting has a visual density and suggestiveness that is as tantalizing to the intellect as it is arresting to the eye.”

Yepes’ paintings are in forty museum collections and in the private collections of Sean Penn and Madonna, Patricia Arquette and Nicholas Cage, Anthony Keidis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Quentin Tarantino, Cheech Marin and Robert Rodriguez.

Hollywood actresses Selma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Carla Gugino, Marley Shelton and Patricia Arquette have modeled for several Yepes paintings. In 1999, Yepes album cover “La Pistola y El Corazon” was named as one of the best 100 album covers of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

His original work Dolorosa Azul was added to the Casa Aventura collection in 2012.

Mike Madrid

Mike Madrid, owner of Casa Aventura, was born in California. He enjoys exploring historical, religious and human themes in his painting and was honored to receive some tutelage by Maestro Curiel where he spent hours painting on the terrace at Casa Aventura. Any works not attributed to the other painters listed here, are those of Mike Madrid.

Hector Armendariz Martinez

Hector Armendariz Martinez is a traditional artist whose academic training brings together both the rigor of classic expression and the magic of symbolic representation. His work combines a sense of the mystic with subtle eroticism. He sells his work in Mexico, Paris and is currently being sold at Gallerie Corazon in Santa Fe New Mexico. Hector Armendariz’s work is also represented and displayed by Galeria Dante in the Zona Romantica area of downtown Puerto Vallarta.